Code of Conduct

Covid-19 Protocol:

In compliance with the province-wide health orders, we are only accepting double-vaccinated people into the studio, you may be required to show your vaccination records upon arrival. Masks are mandatory during class. Let's keep everyone safe and keep the art alive!

If someone is not wearing a mask, please understand that they may have health conditions that exempt them from wearing one. We assure you that we do our very best to create a learning environment without compromising your safety. We check vaccination records and conduct Covid-19 assessments prior to any class/course/event. Rest assured, we've got your back!

We encourage rotation of partners in class to maximise your learning in swing dancing and to nurture a supportive community who cheers each other on. Nevertheless, should you ever feel uncomfortable in any type of situation, whether it be the rotation or the connection, you are advised to bring this to our attention immediately. Your ease is our priority, and we will not question your reason of discomfort. You can reach out to us through our Connect page, or speak to us privately before or after classes/events.

Social Dance Floor/Class Socials:

Being Spatially-Aware

Be attentive to others dancing around you. Leads, make sure you check that the space is clear before encouraging your follow to move there. Followers, help your leads out! If your lead happen to be unaware of a potential crash, let them know with a gentle signal.


If you are starting out, we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes such as trainers, sneakers and loafers. Please avoid heels and slippery shoes with suede/leather soles. In the case of a misstep or a crash with other dancers, the other party or yourself could get severely injured by heavy heels or could hit sharp table edges nearby. When bumps occur, please be considerate and stop to apologise or even ask if they are okay before resuming the dance. If the dance floor is too crowded, we encourage you to wait until the next song to dance. Safety is first and foremost!

Asking for a Dance

You are welcome to ask anyone for a dance. After all, it's a social dance! However, everybody also has the right to decline a dance if they feel the need to. Please respect other people's comfort level and space. The worst thing that can happen is just a no, and you dance with someone else who wants to dance!


At no point in a dance should you feel harassed. This may include inappropriate physical contact, unsolicited photo-taking, video-recording, verbal abuse and any unwelcome attention. If you feel unsafe during a dance, you have the right to end the dance early. We advise you to reach out to us immediately if you are being harassed by emailing us or speaking privately with us. Find our Connect page here. We treat every case with care and discretion. We may take any action deemed necessary including issuing a verbal/written warning to the offender or expelling the offender from our events and classes with no refund.