Wedding Dance Lessons

There's nothing like a special moment just for you and your boo!

Dance and Dazzle on your big day and show it off to your family and friends!

5-classes package includes:

▸ one choreographed piece to a song of your choice

▸5 one-hour private classes

▸ one FREE Facetime/Hangout/Skype introduction call

What we teach:

▸ Lindy Hop and Charleston steps

▸ Fun/Sassy Breaks

▸ "Wow" moves to dazzle your friends!

Your dance is tailored to your learning and vision, it can be as simple or as challenging as your want.

We will discuss more with you during the Facetime/Hangout/Skype introduction call!

Price: $590

Please email to book an online appointment with us and bring your vision alive!

"A romantic first dance for a Lifetime of Happiness!"